Our Chinese name originates from Buddhism, which represents our core value that is to develop in a harmonious way, bring fortune and share with people around us.

We believe as man sows, so he shall reap. We highlight the importance of all individuals being responsible for their past and present actions, good action results in good consequence

We encourage our employees to keep an open and objective mind and develop wisdom with courage, patience and flexibility.


solving their problems while not just answering your questions and posing more questions to you.

Higher standard: We aim to be a new efficient sourcing channel for our clients by providing the most convenient solution to solve their problems and consequently offer follow-up service with higher standard. Meanwhile, we also pose greater requirement to our sales and our engineers,asking them to serve our clients with more professional attitude.

Stronger network: We have been committed to building a stronger network of local suppliers with the hope of quickly meeting the demands of our clients. Our cooperative industries is carefully selected which could offer the first-class products in the shortest time.

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