Fortune Material Limited is a professional sourcing and service company located in Shanghai,specializing in all kinds of steel tubes and pipe fittings. It was established by a group of young professionals devoted to building a brand-new channel for global buyers with a focus on providing solutions. Our mission: Faster, Higher, and Stronger---faster response to enquiry, higher standard of service, and a stronger network for sourcing. In order to achieve this goal, we are consistently bringing in experts in sourcing and building an on-demand supply chain with optimized processes and integrated systems. Fortune Material has established long-term co-operations with many superior national steel suppliers to build a strong sourcing network in China, which offers powerful support for the variety and top quality of our products.

Nowadays, we not only help global buyers to find their specific products, but also provide them with market information, consultancy in sourcing and follow-up services. Our services' aim, to provide professional solutions to help our clients solve problems in the shortest time with the least cost and the maximum return. With the development of the global steel industry, Fortune Material Limited is bound to play an important role in the worldwide sourcing strategy.

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